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010 Digital GmbH and Lighthouse Technologies Form Strategic Distribution Partnership

Hong Kong, April 25, 2022 – 010 Digital GmbH ("010 Digital") and Lighthouse Technologies ("Lighthouse") form strategic distribution partners to deliver leading LED designs and breathtaking visual experiences to the German-speaking audiences. Lighthouse, a global leader in LED video display technology, and 010 Digital, a professional system creator and integrator in Germany, announced a strategic partnership across Germany. The collaboration provides 010 Digital with exclusive distribution rights of Lighthouse's wide variety of trusted indoor and outdoor LED product options. Meanwhile, it adds value to the panel display with innovative and functional features leveraging 010 Digital's years of information technology expertise.

“We were immediately impressed by the innovative ideas in the system design and the high manufacturing quality of the Lighthouse products. A high level of competition characterizes the market for high-resolution LED displays. We are convinced that only quality products that a trustworthy company backs can convince in the long term. That is why we see Lighthouse as an ideal partner”, said Bertil Felsch, CEO of 010 Digital.

“As a company of the eventa group, 010 Digital GmbH combines sales experience with the technical expertise of an installation company. Staging with light has always been our passion, and creating immersive experiences is our goal. In Lighthouse we have found an ideal partner who cultivates the same spirit. It has always been the essence of our company to look further than others. We want to shape the products with our ideas and visions actively and thus support the innovative spirit of Lighthouse.”

“Combining our quality products and manufacturing power with the system integration experience and professional service of 010 Digital, the ultimate winners will surely be our clients” said Peter Chan, CEO at Lighthouse. “We’re excited to begin this journey with 010 Digital to deliver impactful visual experience to the German speaking audience.

About 010 Digital GmbH

010 Digital GmbH offers IT services and distributes media system technology, control technology, lighting and home automation products via its online store medientechnik 24. In addition, 010 Digital develops solutions for combining different automation systems and help company to convert their business into the age of digitalisation. 010 Digital ist development partner and distributor of SAAS solutions like Inspekly and energybox as well as service provider for could-based solutions for data acquisition, analysis and evaluation of complex systems. 010 Digital is a subsidiary of eventa AG and its headquarters are based in Seeshaupt near Munich, Germany.

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About Lighthouse

Lighthouse is a global leader in developing, manufacturing and marketing indoor/outdoor LED video display solutions for sports arenas, digital out-of-home media, corporate, retail and entertainment venues across the globe. Founded in Hong Kong in 1997, Lighthouse has a strong global presence with regional offices in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific. Employing the most advanced technology and world-class manufacturing facilities, Lighthouse provides best-in-class LED video display products with round-the-clock technical support and has brought visual excellence to dozens of professional and collegiate sports stadiums across the globe.



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