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Interbest's Utrecht roadside advertising screen

Project Profile

Location: A12/A27 highway, Utrecht Lunetten, The Netherlands

Customer requirements and challenges

Weatherproof / coping with harsh environment

Interbest’s roadside screens need to be bright enough to be seen in direct sunlight and able to withstand the harshest of environmental conditions.

Minimize the impact on road users

Located on one of the busiest highway in the Netherland, the A12/A27 at Utrecht Lunetten, quick installation was a must to minimize the impact on road users.

Colour reproduction - processing

Interbest’s advertisers demand the highest quality service, which means their brand image must be displayed correctly. Accurate colour reproduction is an essential element for any advertising medium.

Lighthouse Solution

Hecla opted to use 120 panels of Lighthouse Impact 16, 16mm LED screen, providing two screens of 9.2m wide by 11.5m high, facing the traffic coming from either direction.

Impact 16 produces 6,000 nits of brightness to cope with the most intense ambient light situations and produces stunningly accurate colours. It also, has a larger than usual panel size for quick installation, is IP65 rated both front and rear to cope with harsh environmental conditions and has an easy release IM structure for ease of maintenance.



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