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Lighthouse Technologies New Launches Globally: The SUPREME II Series

A Turn-key Retrofit Solution Turning LCD Wall into a Seamless LED Screen!

Lighthouse Technologies Limited (Lighthouse) today announced the global launch of the new Supreme II Series. This extraordinary launch provides users an additional choice of a thin and light weight display solution, but keeping the delightful picture quality at the same time.

The Supreme II Series delivers clear, brilliant images and video in a range of pixel pitches to fit seamlessly into any space, in particularly to retrofit the dated 54” LCD wall installations into bezel-free LED video screens. Together with extra wide viewing angle, it gives new lives to any displaying content unmatched by LCD walls.

The Art of Supreme Quality​

​The Supreme II Series LED Display provides actual 4K Ultra High Definition to all sizes and expresses images or videos in amazingly high-resolution and vivid color reproduction. It offers unlimited possibilities for advertising, digital broadcasting and marketing events with surprising visual detail.​

The new Supreme II Series is flexible for any sizes with the tailor-made option, even in L-shape corner angle. The panel also coating with nano coating which enhanced the LED reliability and extended the panels’ lifetime.

Next level of Environmental Monitoring System (EMS)

Real time diagnostics and feedback enable operators to keep track of the real-time performance of the LED screen. The Supreme II Series also allows operators to monitor, adjust and re-program the setting of the screen remotely when needed.


Visual Characteristics​

About Lighthouse

Lighthouse Technologies is an innovative leader in direct-view LED video display solution. Founded in Hong Kong since 1997, Lighthouse serves the global market with regional offices in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific. Products of Lighthouse are manufactured with patented technologies in ISO certified quality and green facilities. Every day, Lighthouse’s products and services are trusted by venue operators to create visual impacts at thousands of landmark properties and professional sports stadiums around the world.

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