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Lighthouse Delivered Reliability to ihD at K11 MUSEA

Updated: Nov 3, 2021

Lighthouse has completed a remarkable project for ihD at K11 MUSEA including Rosewood Hotel in 2019 and it was definitely a worth highlighting project.

K11 MUSEA is the new cultural‐retail destination on Victoria Dockside, Hong Kong. Inspired by ‘A Muse by the Sea’, K11 MUSEA is designed to enrich the new consumer’s daily life through the power of creativity, culture and innovation.

In this project, Lighthouse worked with ihD to provide professional services of supply and installation of Indoor LED Screen at Rosewood Hotel and outdoor LED screen at K11 MUSEA, having close cooperation with other two contractors Hutchision Global Communications Ltd and VEGA Technology Limited. Lighthouse provided P4 screen size of 4.32mW x 2.4mH x 3 nos (at Ballroom), P4 screen size of 7.68mW x 4.32mH (at Ballroom 1), P4 screen size of 3.36mW x 1.92mH (at Junior Ballroom) and P6 screen size of 9.6mW x 3.6mH (at Visual Corridor).

Lighthouse offered the most appropriate pitch LED solutions for both indoor and outdoor, as well as the "TV" style LED. Lighthouse professionally advised on good LED pitch option range according to the installation type and also on redundancy for connectivity. Moreover, Lighthouse also advised on various factors for design and maintenance with great support. We are thrilled to chat with Mr. Ian D Harris, President & Principal Consultant of ihD. Ian shared his bad experience that he has encountered poor LED companies that they provided poor reliability companies that they provided poor reliability with multiple failed pixels even before handover, as well as poor mechanical

alignment of the tiles, with unbelievable gaps and resulting poor image quality. He found Lighthouse among thousands of LED Wall manufacturers and solve the problem finally.

Mr. Ian D Harris,

President & Principal Consultant of ihD

Stand Out for Reliability

Lighthouse has good reputation as well as good experience with an incredible number of past projects. I have worked out numerous projects with Lighthouse already. Lighthouse stands out for their reliability, color/brightness evenness, adjustability mechanically for achieving a properly‐aligned image,” Ian. Lighthouse always stands at the forefront and be dedicated to providing the best service to our clients.

Prompt Response

“ Prompt response, able to communicate during the weekend, which helps a lot as any questions can be answered so fast. Sometimes, our applications are complex or new, but Lighthouse can discuss and offer up special solutions,” Ian.

Built to Last

“I would highly recommend Lighthouse! Lighthouse is always developing new solutions utilizing the latest technologies, but at the same time they will initially caution us about it, to wait until it has matured/been proven. And so, they honor their clients. As u know that we always offer the best and reliable choice for our clients and we need long-term partners to provide high durability, reliability, innovative technology LED. One of our significant projects which has designed years ago and it is still in good performance - We re-designed Cathay Pacific Auditorium in Cathay City near to HKG Airport and implemented a Lighthouse LED video wall, replacing the video projection. It's performed so very well!!”,


Trends of LED Industry Across Asia Pacific

“ Trend is towards smaller‐pitch/higher resolution, some companies have very unreliable products with multiple pixel failures or complete panel failures, as well as there being "white lines" between tiles/panels, which are actually closer pixels across the 2 panels. These companies seem cannot withstand in this big challenge. Nevertheless, Lighthouse is highly-adjustable electronically as well as physically, allowing their displays to be uniform from left to right” Ian.


“Thanks Ian’s appreciation to Lighthouse. We have been the trustworthy partner with ihD for many years and look forward to working together on more prestigious projects in the future,” Peter Chan, CEO of Lighthouse.



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